Reality Star Inno Morolong Under Fire After Advertising Expensive Work For Beautiful Cape Town Girls

Inno Morolong is at it again. This time, it has nothing to do with a tiff with another celebrity but her recent post on social media seeking young girls.

Taking to her Instagram story, the controversial reality show star advertised her need for Cape Town Girls. In her post, she noted that she was – really is – looking for clean and beautiful Cape Town Girls that take R20k upwards.

It is not an all-comers affair, though, as she pointed out that they must be in shape and not be “dragons” – whatever that means.

The ad caught the attention of many South Africans, some of whom accused her of recruiting young girls into a life of prostitution. At the time of writing, Inno had not responded to those criticising her ad for young girls.

It is also unclear what the girls would be doing for Inno, as she never detailed that in her ad. But she has a history of similar hue. For instance, back in 2022, she was accused of pimping girls by inviting broke and beautiful girls to party with her during the festive season. You can check out her post below.

It will be interesting to see what will come out of her latest adventure.

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