Reason Apologizes In Advance For the Upcoming #FreestyleFriday Finale

Reason tenders apology in advance for upcoming #freestyleFriday Finale

Reason apologizes in advance for the upcoming finale of the popular #FreestyleFriday.

Anytime an artist tenders an apology for work that’s yet to be heard, know there’s something huge they’re going to unleash. That said, you might as well anticipate so much craziness on Stogie T’s #FreestyleFriday finale this weekend.

It seems Reason is going to be featured on it because the talented muso just shared an apology in advance for the upcoming release. Now, we can’t wait to hear it. Do you think he could be blasting some people because that would be amazing to hear.

Stogie T’s Freestyle Friday has become something to look forward to every weekend for Hip-hop fans. We have seen him feature some of the best rappers in the country and also in Africa on it, and every single one of them has delivered. Sadly, it’s coming to an end this weekend, so we can’t wait to see what’s in store.

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