Reason Has Given Up, Begins Leaking His Own Songs

SA turned Piano star, has started leaking his own songs.

This year, Mzansi has watched as rapper, Sizwe transitioned from a artist into Piano. Although we did not expect it, the “Satan O wele” star seems to be happy where he is.

Prior to the transition, took to social media to talk about some of his struggles. He also revealed that he had a chat with and that helped him want to take charge of his life. He has since teamed up with Phori to deliver Piano jams to the airwaves.

Still, he seems to still be fighting a lot of battles. He recently took to Instagram to revealed that he will be going against his record label and distributors to drop the songs on his album on TiKToK. He urged his fans to follow him on the platform and do what they want with the songs.