Reason Makes Big Claims Ahead Of Year End – Watch

The year is close to coming to an end and expectations are pretty high for most people, including South African rapper Reason. The songster also goes by the name Sizwe Alakine, but that;s when he drops anything amaoiano. His rapper persona is Reason and his piano version is Sizwe. But that’s by the way.

The songster has his eyes set for the end of the year. Recently, he revealed o r rather claimed that he would be the most overrated artist by the end of the year. Whether that will eventually pan out is left to time. However, he has ignited a conversation around that claim.

While some South Africans are cool with riding along with that claim, some would rather laugh at it as nothing close to what would happen by the end of the year. Our take? Well, nothing. We would rather leave things to shape up by the time Reason claimed they would.

Reason is one of the artists who leapt from hip-hop to amapiano music. Looking back, he is more than happy for the decision he too. By his own account, doing piano music has turned his life around for good. And yea, December still hs some goodies for Sizwe Alakine.

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