Reason Reacts To His Work Being Compared To YoungstaCPT’s

Reason reacts to having his work compared to YoungstaCPT's

reacts to his work being compared to that of .

While there’s a lot of rivalries in the SA scene, some rappers are just grateful to be able to do what they do with the people around them. At least one grateful rapper is , who recently revealed how he feels about his work being compared to ’s.

The Mzansi was recently pronounced winner in the number one spot of Verse Of The Month Awards through Slikouronlife for his . The show was hosted by and a few enthusiasts who weighed in on his work and others from fellow rappers, YoungstaCPT, and .

The similarities between his work and Youngsta’s were pointed out. This made the rapper really happy and he took to to reveal it. According to him, they both decided to make “content that slaps” a long while ago, and finally succeeded in doing that.

#NgiyakThanda❤️ #Azania Via @ReasonHD
Apr 30
I cannot begin to explain the joy of watching this debate. The mere fact that I have work that can be compared to
’s is so gratifying. We both agreed a long time ago that we would make serious content that slaps! I guess it’s worked 😁 #Voty2019 #Number1

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