Reason Responds To Slik Talk In Mordant Skit

Would there be an end to the conflict between Reason and controversial YouTuber Slik? Maybe not so soon. 

Back in 2019, the two had a spat when denounced Reason as a failed rapper and a horrible song maker. 

In a new video, Reason, also known as Sizwe Alakine, acted exactly like would in his controversial videos. What he presented was actually a mordant shot at Slik for calling him a rapper who’s garbage at making songs

It was hilarious, really, and Mzansi had a good laugh as Reason roared, although the background might look presentable, I’m still your boy Slik Talk. 

Some peeps think there was no need for him to do that. Others think he’s bringing himself to Slik Talk’s level. But the songster would rather those criticising him “fokof.” 

Never one to back out of a good verbal exchange, is expected to fire another salvo at reason over the mordant video. And when that happens, we’ll bring you all the details. So follow us and stay tuned for updates. 

By the way, Reason is one of several celebs that has attacked publicly. Slik is said to live rent-free in the heads of many celebs.

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