Reason Reveals SA Hip Hop’s First Impression To Him Joining Amapiano

Reason aka Sizwe Alakine, reveals the first impression he got from SA Hip Hop when he joined Amapiano.

It has been a while since Reason announced he was switching from Hop Hop to Amapiano. The announcement was surprising to everyone because he openly criticized Cassper’s decision a while back.

However, Reason braved it all and made the switch. He also changed his name to Sizwe Alakine and began dropping and collaborating on Piano jams. In a chat with Mr. JazziQ on the JazziQ & Friends podcast, he revealed SA Hip Hop’s first reaction to the switch. He shared that they felt he was betraying the genre.

Reason said, “The first reaction was like ooh you are hopping on the wave – There is a very intense relationship that people in hip hop have with hip hop, it felt like I was cheating on hip hop, it felt like everybody was like you’re gonna turn your back on hip hop like that,” Check the full interview out below.

JazziQ & Friends episode 1 FT. @SizweAlakine


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