Reason Says He Is The Best Rapper In SA

Reason believes he is the best rapper in Mzansi.

Another day, another rapper claiming to be the best. Honestly, if we got a penny for everytime a rapper claims to be the best, we’d be millionaires by now. Billionaires even.

Like we have always said, to be a rapper, one has to learn to hype themselves beyond recognition. SA star, Reason is the latest rapper in the country to proclaim himself the best in the game. Yes, we do remember that the Mzansi star was Roasted following the release of his collab with Boity who everyone said schooled him.

Reacting to a question by a follower who asked if he believes he’s the best rapper in the country, he had this to say; “I may not be the biggest, I may not be the hottest, I may not be the most popular, but best, I can’t think of anything anyone can do that I can’t do.” If anyone is checking, it is obvious that the SA star has done a lot to make him one of the country’s most talented rappers.

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