Reason (Sizwe Alakine) Flares Up Over AKA’s Verdict On Hip Hop Rappers Who Switch To Amapiano

Amapiano is the in thing in South Africa right now, snapping devotees from other genres with ease, from hip hop to gqom to house. However, the rapper AKA is one person totally unimpressed with hip hop artists switching to amapiano, and he likened them to vultures.

In his song “Lemons (Lemonade),” which featured Nasty C, he had taken a swipe at those who had switched to the piano genre.

It appeared the rapper Reason, who switched from hip hop to amapiano and adopted the stage name Sizwe Alakine, is completely unimpressed by AKA’s verdict about those who switched to amapiano. In fact, he felt personally attacked and addressed AKA in a tweet.

In his tweet, he wanted Kiernan to say specifically who he was referring to. He couldn’t believe AKA could take such a position and wanted clarification. Last we checked, though, AKA has not responded to him. You can check out the tweet below.

Amapiano was formerly an obscure genre. In the intervening years since its coming, though, it had become immensely popular, and many artists had switched to it. These artists include Cassper Nyoves, Reason and Costa titch. In the case of Reason, amapiano gave his career a new boost and earned him a new music contract.

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