Reasonable Doubt: Dame Dash Accuses Jay-Z of Illicit Transfer of Streaming Rights, Seeks $1 Million in Damages

The battle continues for Dame Dash and Jay-Z, with Dash claiming that the hip hop billionaire illicitly transferred the rights of “Reasonable Doubt” from Rock-A-Fella, of which he, Dash, is co-owner, to S. Carter Enterprises LLC, which is solely owned by Jay-Z.

In other words, according to Dash, Jay-Z had transferred the streaming right of the album to himself, effectively shutting out Dash [who  should have been consulted first, as co-owner of the record label that had the rights to the album before the [illicit] transfer].

According to a report by Hollywood reporter, Dash is now seeking at least $1 million in damages for unjust enrichment, replevin, conversion and breach of fiduciary duty.

By the way, dame has also announced plans to sell a third of his share in Rock-A-Fella Records. With the legal battle with Jay-Z ongoing, it remains to be seen if he’d eventually sell it – and to whom.

Reports indicate Dash had initially wanted to sell the copyright right “Reasonable Doubt,” but the presiding judge threw away the case. He couldn’t sell the NFT of the album as well.

What do you think of Dash and Jay-Z’s legal battles, though? You may share your thoughts below and stay tuned for update.

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