Reason’s Big Confession About His Album Azania

When Reason released his album “Azania” in 2018, fans thought it was awesome and praised to the heavens. It may have been two years since the release of the compilation but the positive reviews are still pouring in.

In fact one of Reason’s fans even wondered why the songster hasn’t released the music video for one the favourite songs in the compilation.

In reply, Reason had confessed that he was actually broke at the time he released the album. He was an independent artiste and had spent a lot creating the album. By the time he was done, there was no money for promotion.

Besides that, he was also contending with other responsibilities, including being the father of twins. His then girlfriend Lootlove had celebrating the coming of their twin children and so had Reason himself.

By the way, although big-name record labels had offered him deals, they were not thing he could accept. So he ignored them all.

Anyway, the songster might be working on new music. “Azania” is an old memory with some happy and sad bends to it. It marks by of reason’s evolution as an artiste.

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