Recordings: Shauna Brooks Reveals Relationship With Benzino

Tired of hiding her relationship with rapper and record producer Benzino, Shauna Brooks had gone to town with details of their relationship. 

She gave insights into their relationship in a series of recordings posted online. 

According to Brooks, she isn’t trying to expose the rapper and his preferences but to put her relationship out there as opposed to keeping it under wraps, which was the case previously.

In one of the recordings, it was clear that Brooks had wanted to go public with their relationship, but Benzino was insecure about the decision because people would “look at him crazy.”

Benzino admitted his attraction for Brooks and even wanted more, but he was opposed to the idea of them going public and was infuriated at some point.

Now that Brooks has gone public with the relationship and even released audio recordings to back her claims, it would be interesting to see how he would react. Would the revelation turn out the coffin of their relationship? The coming days will reveal a lot.

By the way, earlier this month, Benzino was arrested in Georgia for allegedly punching and damaging a vehicle belonging to his ex-girlfriend Althea Hart’s current boyfriend. Check out the clip below. 


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