“Red Ink” Star Nqobile Khumalo Planned To Meet Real-Life Serial Killers’ While Preparing For Her Role

Star of the recently released Showmax series, “Red Ink,” Nqobile Khumalo says she planned to meet actual serial killers in preparation for the role.

Since the new series “Red Ink” was released on Showmax, Nqobile Khumalo has been getting a lot of love for her performance. The former “Scandal” star revealed to News24 that she did a lot of research for her character. This includes almost going to see an actual serial killer to understand how it all works. Wish!!!!!

There is really no doubt that she prepared well for her role in the Showmax brand new series. Khumalo portrays Lucy Khambule, a journalist who is working as a publicist.

The series, which is eight episodes long, tells the story of Khumalo’s character, Lucy, who is approached by an imprisoned serial killer, portrayed by Bonko Khoza, to tell his story. The talented Khoza plays Napoleon Dingiswayo, nicknamed the Butcher by the media.

“Red Ink” boasts an incredible cast, including Kwenzo Ngcobo, Abdul Khoza Nirvana Nokwe-Mseleku, Bongile Mantsai, Jo-Anne Reyneke, Lorcia Cooper-Kumalo, Tsholofelo Maseko and Yonda Thomas.

Speaking about the series, the author of the actual book, Makholwa-Moabelo, said,

“The fear from an author normally stems from having to let go of something that you have birthed and nurtured. Any book is a labour of love for a writer. So handing it over to somebody else to translate into a different medium will always be nerve-wrecking.”

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