Reebok Proves Its Role in Hip Hop with “Back Like We Never Left”

Sports and Streetwear brand Reebok is proving its significant role in Hip Hop with the upcoming event “Back Like We Never Left.”

Iconic sports and streetwear brand Reebok is doing a big thing in the world of Hip Hop this new month. The brand is hosting an upcoming event, Back Like We Never Left, on 7 December 2023 at Cape Town’s Alley. Hype Magazine reports that the “celebration marks a pivotal moment for Reebok as it reintroduces itself to South African hip hop culture while reinforcing its position as a central figure in the movement.”

The publication also reports that the brand has been a vital part of the Hip Hop movement for many years since the 1980s. It is now set to make its comeback to the game with the groundbreaking event.

With “Back Like We Never Left,” Reebok will shine a light on the golden days of hip hop while simultaneously celebrating the future of the movement. “From old-school beatboxing to the rise of trap, Back Like We Never Left is a VIP pass to explore the unforgettable eras that have shaped hip hop over the past 50 years,” writes Hype.

There will be performances by DJ Ready, YoungstaCPT, Nadia Nakai, Blxckie, Rarri, Uncle Partytime, Bravo le Roux, and the Beat Bangers. Also, DJ Ready D and YoungstaCPT will drop a new track, “Back Like I Never Left,” on 8 December 2023.

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