Reebok Responds To Recent AKA Sneaker Deal Claims

The recent topic of conversation has been about AKA’s ordeal with the brand, Reebok. The multi-award-winning rapper claimed that he has not been paid a single dime for his collaboration with the sneakers brand.

The ‘Fela In Versace’ hitmaker’s revelation came as a shock to people. This is because a lot of them had initially celebrated the collaboration. Now, the case is different.

Following AKA’s revelation, has shed more light on the matter.

They said:

is aware of the claims made by South African rapper Kiernan Jarryd Forbes, known as AKA, on twitter where he has stated non-payment for the brand collaboration of his custom-made Reebok SneAKA.

In October 2019, we executed a successful launch of the SneAKA. Upon entering into the relationship, both parties were happy with the agreement, and the terms of the launch were not disputed. Reebok met all of our contractual obligations related to the launch.

Earlier this year, communicated with AKA and his management that due to shift in strategy, we would not be able to renew his contract as an ambassador for the brand. However, we did discuss a new approach of working with AKA. Reebok is thus very disappointed to be learning of the issues raised on social media, as we believed the relationship to still be on a strong footing to negotiate potential future deals.”

AKA recently revealed that he has ended his contract with since December 2019. He also revealed that he has stopped the production of sneakers with the brand.

When Twitter users started off the Must Fall hashtag, AKA stated that the brand must not fall.

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