Reebok South Africa Collaborates With Nadia Nakai To Debut New Zig Kinetica

Reebok South Africa debuts new collaboration with Nadia Nakai, the new Zig Kinetica

South Africa launches a new collaboration with rapper, , the new Zig Kinetica shoe.

Female Mzansi rapper, is winning. It seems being on top of many playlists isn’t the only thing the rapper has achieved this year, she is also clinching deals that are absolutely to die for. The rapper recently took to to share her new collaboration with international shoe brand, .

She shared the official advertorial video for the launch of the collaboration, the Zig Kinetica show on Wednesday, 11 March. The voiceover for the advert features the rapper’s voice saying; “The world is full of talk, then there is you. You replaced talking with doing a long time ago. You don’t dream about blowing up the status quo. You are too busy doing it. Zig Kinetica was made for you.”

The brand new shoe features a black and grey detail on top, with orange bottoms. It looks as classy as Nakai herself, and if course with her massive fan base, we wouldn’t be surprised if it sells out quickly.

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