Reece Madlisa And Zuma’s Manager Shares More Info About The Accident

Mzansi stars, Reece Madlisa and Zuma’s manager has shared more info about the accident.

With all the shocking news that have hit the Mzansi this year, we all get concerned when something new and unexpected happens. Recent news of a fatal accident allegedly involving Piano stars, Reece Madlisa and has been all anyone can talk about.

Fans have expressed fear that the two may have lost their lives in the accident as photos of the wrecked bus have been circulating the net. However, it has also been revealed that the two were not harmed in the accident. This is simply because they were not in the bus when the accident happened.

Madlisa and Zuma’s manager, Archie “Dada” Basile has now shared more info on it. He revealed that the two were not in the bus when the accident happened because the driver was on his way to pick them up. The said driver was also not harmed in the accident.

Our bus was in an accident, not us. The driver was in the car alone, but he’s not hurt. Reece and were not in the car. He was leaving his to come and fetch us when the accident happened.” 

“I know people are worried, but we are all fine, no one was hurt”

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