Reece Madlisa Flaunts His New Whip

Mzansi hitmaker, Reece Madlisa shares a new video flaunting his new whip.

Mzansi loves it when her favourite hitmakers are winning. That is always exciting to see. Imagine starting the new year with a brand new whip. That’s some big moves. Shout out to the very talented Reece Madlisa who just acquired a new car.

The Mzansi star recently took to his Instagram page to share a video of himself showing off his new whip. At first, the car is covered with only the headlights on. Then he unveils it as he dances around the car with a couple of friends who celebrate with him.

It reveals a white coloured Volkswagen that looks too clean to touch. Shout out to him. The Piano star previously made the news when he hung out with Spiriki in the studio. We don’t know if they made some new music together. Hopefully they did.

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