Reece Madlisa Is beginning To Overshadow A-reece According To Twitter Poll

poll reveals that Reece Madlisa is overshadowing A-Reece.

It is crazy how artists are pitted against each other in Mzansi. Well, that’s how it is all over the world. We have seen several comparisons between big Mzansi acts and it never really ends well.

This time, Tweeps are comparing Reece Madlisa and A-Reece. You may wonder why. Thing is, they both seem to be named Reece which sort of makes people want to compare them. Then, there’s the question of who has been making the most impact on the scene recently.

A poll set up by user, @busanixasibe sees Reece Madlisa with a highly percentage than A-Reece. We don’t know if this means there’s more appeal for him right now. Fans still cannot believe this but you can’t argue with numbers. Madlisa is already on the move this year appearing on some of the jams which were released recently.

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