Reeva Steenkamp’s Parents To Reject Oscar Pistorius Parole Bid

The late Reeva Steenkamp’s parents are set to reject Oscar Pistorius’ parole bid.

Ten years ago, former athlete Oscar Pistorius shot and killed his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp through the bathroom door, claiming he thought she was an intruder. He has since been convicted and sentenced to prison.

Now elderly, the late Reeva’s parents are still working to ensure he stays in prison. There are reports that Pistorius might soon be a free man after the time he has served. With his parole hearing set for next month, the Steenkamps will be advocating for the former Paralympian to remain in prison.

In a comment to Mailonline, they shared details of a shocking prison cell confrontation with her murderer, Pistorius. They also stated why they believed he should stay behind bars for life. Barry said,

“I told Oscar directly that he shot my daughter deliberately, and he denied it. He stuck to his story that he thought it was an intruder. After all these years, we still await him to admit he did it in anger. That is all we wanted.”

‘“If he told me the truth, he would have been a free man by now, and I would have let the law take its course over his parole. But I was wasting my time. He is a murderer. He should remain in jail.’’

His wife, June, said, “Oscar has taken a lot away from us and from Reeva. So now, instead of getting upset I get angry. I am angry with him. It is a horrible thing to say, but I can’t stand him.

“I don’t think that he got enough time (in jail), and if somebody takes a life they must pay with their life in jail,”

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