Refilwe Modiselle Needs A sponsor To The Pan African Film Festival

TV host and actress, Refilwe Modiselle is one proud person after a film she was in, “White Gold” got accepted to be screened at the Pan African Festival.

The problem though is that she needs a sponsor for her to attend the Pan African Film Festival scheduled to hold in the US in February.

The respected TV personality was amazing in the international film, playing the role of Mansa. The views from viewers is that she may end up scoring herself a nomination for her role in the movie.

The 34-year old actress and tv star is also a model. In fact, she has been a model since the age of 13 when she posed for Y! magazine, her acceptance into the Pan African Festival is a huge milestone for her.

She has since the announcement of the film’s nomination taken to Twitter to rally fans and lovers along to support her bid to attend the festival, saying it is not just for her but for South Africa at large as it presents an opportunity to put their work before the world to be seen. She writes:

Dear Sir @NathiMthethwaSA . Please would you intervene. A lot of people are requesting for your intervention. So am I. Please hear me out. This is bigger than me. This is not only for SA to champion this, but for the continent at large. To be presented on a global stage is big

She is still making media rounds and taking interviews about the film and with the responses to her tweets, it is almost certain that she would get a sponsor to attend the festival.

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