Relebohile Mofokeng Updates The Public On Possible EPL Move

For many people playing for local teams, especially in Africa, the dream is to one day move to Europe and play in the English Premier League (EPL), which boosts of some of the best clubs out there.

But, of course. not everyone gets to see their dream of playing in the EPL manifest. Some remain at local clubs until they are old and no longer in their prime to play for top-flight clubs abroad; some are lucky to be picked and then start a new life abroad where bigger pay and other perks await them.

So where does South African footballer Relebohile Mofokeng belong? If you have been following him for a while, you probably already know that there’s been some interest in him from EPL clubs and the footballer himself is not averse to starting an international career.

Rumours about him moving to the EPL have been rife for a while. However, in response to those who have been seeking updates about his possible move, he noted that he hasn’t gotten any feedback yet.

So, for now, he can only wait, hoping for something positive. On this, of course, he can count on the support of his compatriots. Not bad.

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