Rema Gets Emotional, Pens Words To “Bad Commandos” As He Hits 1 Million Instagram Followers

Mavin singer, Rema pens an emotional post to his Bad Commandos as he hits one million followers on Instagram.

Rema is not just killing it in the music world, his social media is also booming. The popular singer just hit 1 million Instagram followers and it has made him so emotional. He’s now shared an appreciative post to his stans, the Bad Commandos. He wrote,

Bad commandos. 7 months ago, i had 20k followers who gave me hope when there was none, in March i was introduced to the game, you all accepted me and showed me love like no other, you streamed and bought my sound, you helped me share my sound to the rest of the world, you convinced others to join the movement, you all gave your votes in all my nominations, you all had my back in my absence in issues i could not speak, you all spoke for me”

“I want to say thank you for your undying love, i see many more achievements in the future but i can’t do it alone. Together we continue to push. One family! One generation! God bless you all.”.

Keep winning man.

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