Remembering AKA: Nadia Nakai’s Heartfelt Tribute on His 36th Birthday

A Solemn Remembrance:

The South African music industry recently witnessed a poignant moment as Nadia Nakai, along with the Forbes family, commemorated what would have been the 36th birthday of the late rapper AKA, born Kiernan Forbes. The day was marked with a visit to his gravesite, where 36 white biodegradable balloons were released into the sky, symbolizing each year of his life.

Nakai’s Emotional Tribute:

Nakai, AKA’s girlfriend at the time of his tragic passing, expressed her grief and love through a touching Instagram post. Accompanied by a video of the balloon release, she shared her feelings of loss and remembrance. The post was not just a display of personal sorrow but also a reflection of the impact AKA had on those close to him and his fans.

A Tribute in Music:

Adding to the emotional tribute, Nakai released a new single titled “Never Leave,” featuring Kash CPT. The song, part of an anticipated tribute album to AKA, is a sincere outpouring of grief and longing. In the track, Nakai reminisces about their beautiful moments together and expresses her wish for AKA to have stayed forever.

The Legacy of AKA:

AKA’s untimely death in February last year sent shockwaves through the music industry and his fanbase, the Megacy. His influence on South African hip hop and his classic catalog of music remain unforgettable. Fans and fellow artists have shown immense support for Nakai and her tribute, acknowledging the depth of her loss and the beauty of her artistic expression.

Continuing the Legacy:

The Forbes family also celebrated AKA’s birthday with a pop-up exhibition hosted by the Kiernan Forbes Foundation in partnership with Bravado. The event, held at the Mall of Africa in Midrand, featured exclusive AKA art pieces and merchandise, allowing fans to connect with his legacy in a tangible way.

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