Renaissance Tour Stop In Paris: Fans Drag Blue Ivy’s Dance Moves On Stage With Beyonce

It is no longer news that Beyoncé is on her Renaissance Tour to promote her album of the same name. The big news is that not only is her daughter Blue Ivyu a part of the tour, but mother and daughter also performed together at some point and that got people talking.

The scene was Paris, France, and mother and daughter popped on stage for a performance. It was to have been a delightful mother-daughter moment (there were other dancers on stage), but it turned out some tweeps were unimpressed with Blue Ivy’s dance moves.

This category of people took to Twitter to share that her dance moves were unimpressive. Of course, the Beyhive was in the conversation to push aside that narrative, insisting that Blue Ivy put up a wonderful performance with her mother.

In the words of one Twitter user, the mother-daughter performance was “legendary” and people’s negative opinion of that moment does not cancel the reality. You can check pout the clip below.

Of course, one person who would not be dragged into the conversation – who wouldn’t say anything about it  – is Beyoncé herself. She’s too busy doing her thing, and people’s thoughts about her and her daughter’s performance is unlikely to sway her easily.

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