Renee Poche Loses Legal Battle Against Love Is Blind Production Company

In the world of entertainment, at least one thing is sure: There is no shortage of drama and entertainment. We see this reality manifest all the title.

Speaking about dramas, the Love is Blind production company has just troiu[phe din its legal battle with one of its cast members, Renee Poche., who sued the company.

Renee Poche, a cast member of the fifth season of the show, had a non-disclosure agreement as part of her contractual obligations. But she’s done with the company and down with the show and just wants to be free.

Beyond that, she wanted to be done with Carter Wall, her former fiancé, whom she described as a walking red flag and someone she would normally not be with. She claimed that she was forced to participate in the show and go ahead with her engagement with Wall.

All this, she claimed, caused her emotional distress, and she wanted to be done with it all. This led to her filing a suit against the producers in a California superior court.

Unfortunately, her attempt to fight the company that brought her to the limelight did not bring the desired result. She lost. What happened next is unclear.

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