Report: Kim Kardashian No Getting Back With Ye After Failed Relationship With Pete Davidson

It’s no longer news that Kim Kardashian and are no longer together. But any chance of Kim going back to her ex-husband Kanye West?

That’s one question that has been bubbling on the lips of the shippers of the couple’s relationship. Now, it appears like the answer is out now.

At some point in their relationship. Kim and Kanye West were considered by many to be the ideal couple. Kim, in particular, was singled out for praise because of the maternal way she handled her husband’s public controversies and challenges.

At some point, she even asked for public understanding for West, letting the world know he had bipolar disorder.

In one of his outbursts, the “Donda” rapper had claimed he allowed Kim to file for divorce to give her some dignity. Along the line, he’d begged for her to run back into his arms. But she ignored him. This was around the period her relationship with was bubbly.

And now, with the SNL comedian out of the picture, the KKW boss, it is reported, still has no interest in returning to Kanye West. So that leaves the door open for those who have been crushing on Kin=m to shoot their shots.

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