Report Rape Immediately: Prince Kaybee Taking Shot At DJ Fresh And Euphonik?

Has Prince Kaybee fired a shot at rival Euphonik and pal DJ Fresh? Well, this is the question on the lips of fans after the “Fetch Your Life” star shared a message on Instagram asking the ladies to report rape cases immediately.

The songster had made the call on the ladies following the dismissal of the case against DJ Fresh and Euphonik. The prosecutor had dismissed the case for lack of merit.

Months ago, a lady known as Madikizela had accused both DJs of raping her and her friends during a time out when the ladies were under the influence of alcohol. Both denied the allegations at the time, with DJ Fresh emphatically stating he doesn’t know the lady.

She had reported the case to the police this year and it was taken up. The two DJs were relieved of their contracts with Primedia Broadcasting as a result of the allegations, with Primedia stating the decision to terminate their contracts in no way means they’re guilty.

Following the dismissal of the case against them, the pair had released a joint statement in which they expressed sadness that GBV has been used as a tool to malign their integrity. They thanked those who supported them through the crisis.

But not many are impressed with the dismissal of the case. Is Prince Kaybee among them?

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