Reports — Jennifer Lawrence has Given Birth

What the world knew before now was that Jennifer was heavy with child. But what about the moment? Has she given birth? The actress has been mum, but reports out there indicate that she’s given birth finally — her first. 

The American Hustle actress and her art dealer husband Cooke Maroney welcomed a child early this year, according to multiple reports. However, details of the birth, including gender, have not been revealed by the couple. 

Word about Jennifer Lawrence having given birth strayed flying around after she was spotted in the company of her husband pushing a baby stroller. 

In April of last year, Jennifer Lawrence’s representative confirmed that the actress was pregnant. That was only what the couple offered back then. Even now, they’re still keeping things hush-hush. 

In their desire for privacy about their child, they join a few other celebrities who care nothing about exposing their tots. 

It cannot be determined why the couple elected to keep the birth details to themselves. Still, it will be interesting to see how long the secrecy about the birth will last. One way or the other, they’ll still have to say something about the delivery and the child. Stay tuned if you please. 

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