Reports: Taika Waititi And Rita Ora Married

Zealand filmmaker, actor, and comedian Taika Waititi has reportedly married British singer and songwriter Rita Ora.

The couple dated for one year before deciding to take their relationship to a “permanent site,” as the saying goes. However, neither of them has confirmed nor denied the marriage rumours currently circulating.

Sources close to the couple confirm that, in fact, the two are now husband and wife. There is no official announcement from them that they are married now, of course. Still, hints of a possible union are all over their Instagram accounts.

Fans also have the couple under close watch in case the ultimate giveaway of their union should surface on the platform.

Despite perennially being in the spotlight as a singer, Rita Ora appears determined to key her relationship away from prying eyes. How well she succeeds in doing this remains to be seen. Right now, the narrative that she’s married to her lover of one year appears dominant.

A source close to Rita Ora and her man claim that while the couple has quietly gotten married, they are planning something public and extravagant in the coming days. When, exactly, is something no one knows at the moment. Y’all stay tuned anyway.

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