Rethabile Khumalo Erupts, Shades Amapiano Musicians On The Venting Podcast – Watch

Rethabile Khumalo Announces Forthcoming Album “Dlaka Dlaka”

Amapiano might be the in-thing in South Africa, with many fans and all, but there is one person who is just not impressed with the genre and how its artists have seemingly taken the spotlight even when she believes most do not deserve it.

The songstress made her thoughts known during a recent appearance on The Venting Podcast with local sangoma Gogo Skhotheni. She noted that what pushed her into music was her love for it. As a result, it was easy to decide to stay and just create music, sometimes performing for free.

She also recalled a point where she wasn’t getting gigs which made her wonder if she was talentless. At that moment, she even considered ditching music and going back to school. But hey, she’s still here.

She believes most amapiano musicians are getting gigs all over the place not because of real talent but because they are playing the genre. She just can;t understand how talented musicians like herself are overlooked for people who she believes has no talent.

By the way, the singer was recently involved in a drama in Malawi over her refusal to perform at an all-stars event. She claimed she was not paid but her image was used.