Revealed: Big Brother Mzansi Season 3 Prize Money

After a brief hiatus, has returned. But what would the winner of the intensely anticipated reality show be taking home at the end of the day?

That was one question many potential contestants had asked when it was revealed that the show would return for another season. Some peeps were so keen about the prize and wanted to be sure of it to not “waste” their time auditioning for the show.

Well, Biggie has finally revealed how much the winner would be taking home at the show’s end.

A recent tweet by social media commentator Phil Mphela indicated that the show’s winner would be going home with a cool R2 million. The sum is much more significant than what had been given in previous seasons.

The revelation of the sum has also led to massive excitement, with some social media users debating what they would potentially do with the sum they should win.

In a country where coronavirus has rendered many jobless, the excitement is understandable. However, it remains to be seen who and who would make it to the Big Brother house, who’d best others, and ultimately walk home with a sum which can buy a Rolls.

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