#RHOA: Tension Rises Between Ralph PIttman & Sidora Drew

A union imperfect? Drew Sidora is somewhat tired of the current trajectory of her marriage, and she made this clear during yesterday’s episode of the Real Housewives of Atlanta.

The previous week, she had found a suspicious message on her husband Ralph Pittman’s phone and claimed he had gotten close to his assistant. In a huff, she had taken the kids with her to Chicago.

On the challenges of their union, she had provided some context when she noted, verbatim: “I don’t know why communication is so hard and why it triggers Ralph, but this is what we go through, and I’m tired.”

In his defence, Ralph said that he fired his assistant. And Drew asked if he no longer speaks with her. He clarified that they (he and his assistant) no longer do business.

He also clarified that if Drew doesn’t want him to speak with his former assistant anymore, she should say so outright.

She wouldn’t do that, however. She noted that she wants him to respect their relationship in order for him to make the decision himself. That way, he wouldn’t have to resent her for his choices.

Ralph made it clear there are many things he resented her for already. So what will give way in the coming days? Stay tuned.

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