‘RHOD’ Cast Member Angel Says She’s Been Receiving Death Threats

New “Real Housewives of Durban” cast member Angel Ndlela reveals that she’s been receiving death threats since the new season began airing.

The new season of The Real Housewives of Durban reality show introduced some new cast members, Ameigh Thompson, Angel Ndlela, and Zama Ngcobo, to the show.

Angel Ndlela has been dominating many conversations since. The new reality star holds an honours degree in industrial organisational psychology and has different business ventures in construction, taxis, manufacturing, and fashion design.

While she is the youngest on the show, she never likes to be called “kid” by anyone. And she often stands up to the other cast members during an argument. Speaking to Sunday World, she revealed that she’s been getting death threats since the show began airing. She said,

“I have been getting death threats and some bizarre comments and direct messages such as I deserve to be raped. It is bizarre, I know. And that is why I laugh it off, delete, block, and move on with my life.”

She also spoke about her growth.

“Having seen myself now, I believe there could be a better way to deliver things. As people continue to watch the show they will see me grow and be a better person. In a nutshell, I don’t think I am dramatic.”

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