RHOD Halloween Party: Viewers Share Thoughts on Nonku, MaKhumalo, & Londie London

Halloween isn’t exactly here, but the housewives of the reality show Real Housewives of Durban (RHOD) had no qualms creating one – and viewers followed according.

Apparently, every viewer has his and has no qualms commenting on the same.

Nonku may not be everyone’s fave, but her fans appreciate that she’s authentic – being herself and saying things the way they are, while others are “in denial.”

In previous moments, though, some fans had denounced Nonku and her mother for “speaking ill” about Ayanda Ncwane, a former housemate who was not on set to defend herself.

turned out so gorgeous for the Halloween party that Mzansi couldn’t keep quiet about her outfit and how good she looked. Even celebrated comedian was struck by her charms and he voiced it out in a tweet. She was even described, by another fan, as one of the best dressed for the party.

And MaKhumalo? Some viewers think she isn’t jelling well with other ladies and that dislikes her and shows that without restraints. Some think she doesn’t fit it and shouldn’t make it to next season. You can check out the storm of opinions below.

If there’s something that’s not in doubt, it’s that viewers love the drama.

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