RHOD: Slee Says She Is Nobody’s Lapdog

Reality shows thrust people into the limelight and make them subjects of attention and conversation, whether they like it or not. Sometimes the opinions about them are positive and sometimes they are not. Either way, people are talking about reality show stars and will always talk about them.

Slee Ndlovu of the Real Housewives of Durban must have made peace with this reality. Still, now and then, she shares her thoughts about the prevailing opinions of her.

For instance, given some of her friendships on the set of RHOD, some viewers are suggesting she is a lapdog of sorts to another cast member. That’s the sort of verdict that is bound to get a lot of people riled.

However, the reality show star appeared to take things with a bit of calm, dismissing insinuations that she is anyone’s lapdog on the show.

Beyond that, she is happy to admit that she has moved on with her life following her failed relationship with AmaZulu boss Sandile Zungu. Life must go on, and Slee is out there to ensure she does.

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