RHOD: Viewers Bicker Over Thobile’s Relevance, Londie Inheriting People’s Beef & Nonku Being Unfazed

Will there ever be an end to the drama in the reality show? We seriously doubt that. Each week, the housemates give viewers a lot to talk about and some of the housemates end up trending as a result.

This week was no different.

Annie, Nonku, Londie and Thobile gave viewers more than enough to talk about. One fan of the show appeared miffed over what she thought was the gang up against Nonku by Londie, Jojo, and Annie. The same fan also expressed delight at Nonku not giving a fuck about the whole drama.

Another fan expressed a similar sentiment, urging Londie to be strong on her own and not inherit other people’s beef and adversaries.

Some fans see Nonku as the real thing in the Real of Durbans as the show would be “whack” without her.

On Thobile, opinions were pretty different, with some users noting she’s only lively when polygamy was being discussed, or when was around. Some viewers think she’s out of place for the most part and not a great fit for the show.

You can check out some of the reactions so far below.

Will new episodes of the show be any different?

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