#RHODurban: Mabusi Called a Queen, but Viewers Unimpressed with Laconco, Thobile

Laconco, and Thobile had Viewers talking for much of the week.

might not be an official member of the cast, but some of her stans think she deserves to be official in the cast. According to them, she’s got what it takes.

Her encounter with Jojo was of particular interest to her stans. They especially applauded her response when Jojo reportedly asked her a “condescending” question about how she was able to afford the things she had.

Laconco had asked Londie what she said that made people comfortable to say shitty things about her (Laconco) behind her back. Some viewers could only chalk it to Londie being “the biggest gossip” among the cast.

That notwithstanding, Laconco still had some viewers fuming, as they feel that she’s too private for the show and drains the spirit from it. They affirmed Nonku’s verdict that Laconco was two-faced.

Thobile has got many viewers fuming as well because they think she makes no contributions to the show. Their verdict? She should be missing next season. Some viewers believe her the ideal housewife, though, because, according to them, she doesn’t have the dark energy of the other housemates.

But what will change in new episodes? Stay tuned.

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