RHODurban: South Africans Share Their Opinions On The Latest Episode

Season 2 of the reality show Real Housewives Of Durban (RHOD) is here, and fans of the show have not only got their faves, they’ve got a slot to sat abou the show already.

Previously, Annie had come under over how she decorated a cake, which was supposedly to pass a message about how she feel about fellow housemate LaConco. She was denounced as “disrespectful” because of that.

Nonku Williams had alco come under because some viewers thought she had ganged up with her mother to disparage the name of ex-housemate Ayanda Ncwane, who wasn’t on the ground to defend herself.

A fan had noted that the RHOD is not fiction an that Nonku’s attitude towards Ayanda showed her in real life.

By the way, while some fans are not having Annie’s character, some others are all for it. Some fans are of the view that she’s a vital addition because of the drama she brings to the show.

The first season of RHOD was a big win with the fans, and if the drama of the second season should continue, Mzansi might end up with a national burp. You can check out some reactions to the current season of the show below.

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