#RHODurban: Viewers Discuss Sorisha’s Bleaching & Nonku’s Obsession with Sfiso & Ayanda Ncwane

Will the gossip ever end among the Real Housewives of Durban? Maybe yes. May no. Either way, fans are following what’s going on – and they have not been silent.

Nonku has been the subject of attention for most viewers for a while now. Previously, she had been criticized for “ganging up with” her mother to speak ill of Ayanda Ncwane, a past cast member whose late husband, Sfiso, Nonku had an affair with at some point.

Somehow, Sfiso was the subject of Nonku’s conversation this past episode. She’d claimed that the gospel musician wanted to leave Ayanda and marry her. Some fans are not having it, however. They wonder why she should continue speaking about Ayanda, who’s not present, and Sfiso.

Much later, she would state that she should not have spoken about the late Sfiso and his widow Ayanda.

Sorisha also popped in the conversation of viewers of the show, with some peeps arguing about her bleaching her skin – a fact she hasn’t hidden anyway. Others brought up the incident when Londie took the ladies out, and she jetted out alongside her other friends in a private jet while other castmates, including Laconco, were stranded along the way.

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