#RHODurban: Viewers Hail Thobile, Commend Mabusi For Apologizing, Talk Annie’s Character

Although the outrage over Donovan Goliath hosting the reunion special is yet to die down, viewers still didn’t let that prevent them from watching the show. And have they got a lot to say about the reunion episode.

Thobile has often been thought of as an ill fit for the show. However, this time around, viewers mainly had positive thoughts about her 

Thobile wouldn’t think that Laconco inherited any beef. She instead believes it is the way Zuma’s baby mama is. 

Viewers commended Thobile for being brave to face Laconco, whom they consider pretentious. 

was commended for apologising because of she hadn’t, Laconco would have made it appear like Thobile was lying. Some viewers are even urging the producers to promote Mabusi to full time on the show.

Annie’s dress was a subject of annoyance for some viewers. They thought she didn’t turn out well, and for her actions on the reality show, some viewers explained it away as the result of having been bullied as a child. You can check out some of the comments below. 

Since the Real Housewives of Durban premiered for the first time, viewers have been divided about the cast members. And it’s doubtful there ever be a unanimity of agreement about them.

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