#RHODurban: Viewers Not Keen On Thobile & Sorisha For Next Season, Nonku Hailed For Her Sense and Maturity

Another week, another storm of dramas, and with them comes a flurry of reactions from viewers of the reality show real Housewives of Durban.

Since the show premiered, viewers have been hooked and have been sharing their thoughts with the progress of each episode. There’s never been unanimity of agreement on any of the housemates.

Thobile has been a source of particular annoyance to some viewers because, according to them, she’s a groupie who would kiss Sorisha’s ass to earn her friendship.

Some viewers even think that was why Sorisha allowed Thobile to join her in a private jet when the show’s cast had a little outing recently. These peeps earnestly expressed the wish Thobile doesn’t make it to the next season.

Interestingly, some viewers expressed the same view about Sorisha, with others scoffing at her claim that she’s wiser because she’s older. Sorisha has her stans, however.

Nonku, who most viewers had jabbed multiple times previously, appeared to be in the good books of viewers this time, as some of them claimed she’s singlehandedly carrying the show on her shoulders.

Some viewers were especially chuffed when she asked the other ladies to stop acting like they cared about her welfare because it made them look good.

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