#RHOLagos: Viewers Debate Chioma, Toyin, Iyabo, Carolyn

In almost all reality shows out there, one thing that’s almost always in plentiful supply is the drama, with the cast, as well as their fans on social media, contributing.

That’s the case right now with the reality show Real Housewives of Lagos. The spirit of competition is burning so fierce, and the cast members have no qualms showing the world what’s happening – sometimes subtly, sometimes not quite so.

At any rate, viewers are following the show keenly and dropping their thoughts on social media along the way.

From the show’s beginning, Chioma appeared to be the centre of attention, and she isn’t about to let the yes stay away from her anytime soon. From snazzy, provocative outfits to speaking her mind – like stating she’s not in competition with Toyin because there’s nothing there to compete with – Chioma has social media always talking about her.

Some viewers think of Carolyn as the classiest of the cast members. Somewhere on the line is Iyabo, whom most viewers regard as the most confident. Here’s what the viewers are saying:

Real Housewives of Lagos is a spinoff of a reality show of the same title on the Showmax network. And it’s a hit with viewers.

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