Rick Ross Set To Collaborate With Nadia Nakai

American rapper Rick Rock has got his eyes on the South African music scene with a potential collaboration with local rapper Nadia Nakai.

The songstress recently had an Instagram live with her American counterpart. During their conversation, he showered her with praises and mentioned one of her songs that he especially liked, “More Drugs.”

The said song was released years ago and featured fellow rapper Tshego. It was written and released following her breakup with Major League DJZ’s Bandile. The song was her own way of coping with the breakup.

Interestingly, the song itself went gold weeks after it was released, indicating that the number resonated with a lot of people.

Anyway, as Rick Ross also revealed on Instagram Live, he is keen to work with Nadia Nakai. Right now, details about the collaboration are not out there. But it is expected they will work this out privately and eventually release a number for their fans.

Given Rick Ross’s standing as a musician, his working with Nadia Nakai will significantly boost her career and even give her some bragging rights. Right now, one can count on one hand the number of South African musicians the American has collaborated with, and there will be finers left.

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