Rick Ross Shades Jada Pinkett Smith’s Memoir “Worthy”

While Jada Pinkett Smith’s memoir “Worthy” is being propped as a bestseller by the New York Times, there is one man who is unimpressed with it – the rapper Rick Ross.

During an interview with Rolling Stone, the songster had mocked the memoir, describing it as a flop – or so he heard. As far as he is concerned. Jada is psychologically lost and needs counselling. He made it clear he doesn’t agree with her, while also noting he is wondering what she would release next.

He made it clear that no one fares and that Jada is possibly out of touch based on what she has been saying as well; as the content of her book.

Jada Pinkett Smith is sporadically in the news over her relationship with Will Smith. In a recent bombshell, she claimed that they got separated six years ago. This revelation irked many of Will Smith’s fans, who thought him weak and without dignity.

They wondered out loud why he should sacrifice his career for a woman he had been separated from for the past six years while putting up the facade of still being together with her. By sacrificing his career, they meant the many sanctions and losses he faced after slapping the comedian Chris Rock, who made fun of Jada’s alopecia.

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