Rick Ross Shares His Thoughts On Jada Pinkett-Will Smith Drama

American rapper Rick Ross has shared his thoughts on the drama enveloping actor Will Smith and his wife Jada, noting that it is bad for business.

In a recent interview, Jada indicated that she and Will Smith separated six years ago and that she was surprised when he called her his wife, popped onto the stage and slapped comedian Chris Rock, who made a joke about her alopecia.

Her revelation provoked mixed reactions online, with some netizens blaming Will Smith for “not being man enough” and for sacrificing his career for a woman who doesn’t respect him. (Will was penalised by the Oscars for the slap).

They were even more miffed that he had gone on to celebrate his “eternal love” for her following the launch of her memoir despite all she had done to him.

In a clip currently making the round online, Rick Ross shared his thoughts, noting how Jada’s action would certainly influence many men in the future in their decision on the women they want to date. In his words, “Ladies, this Jada Pinkett sh*t is bad for business for you all.”

The reactions to the post indicated that many people agreed with his verdict. It remains to be seen what the future holds.

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