Rickelle Celebrates 5th-Year Relationship Anniversary With A-Reece

It’s been five years of loving and sharing for South African rapper A-Reece and his girlfriend Rickelle. And although they are not particularly loud d with their PDA and are not exactly social media freaks, their fifth anniversary meant a lot for them to actually pop out with a celebratory post.

In a post on her official Instagram Story, Rickelle had shared a mashed image showing the time they started dating in 2018 – said to be around the period A’Reece’s group, The Wrecking Crew disbanded – as well as a current picture of them in a similar pose. You can check out the post below,

Celebrity relationships are of great interest to the public and people often wonder why some celebrity relationships don’t last. Anyway, A-Reece and Rickelle have shown that one can be a celeb and still remain committed to one’s partner without all the drama that envelopes celebrity relationships.

The post about the couple’s fifth anniversary had many South Africans gushing, with some expressing their desire to have a relationship similar to theirs – illuminated by love and caring and without all the drama that saps one’s energy and leaves one wondering where one went wrong with one’s decision.

Congrats are in order for Reece and Rickelle.

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