Ricky Martin Dismisses Assault Allegations

Ricky Martin has dismissed claims that he assaulted his nephew, and his lawyer afformed the same, stating that the celebrated singer has never had any form of sexual or romantic relationship with his nephew.

Continuing, Marty Singer, lawyer to the celebrated singer, claimed that the nephew who had lodged the abuse claim was, in fact, suffering from mental health issues.

Singer insisted that his client has never been in any form of sexual or romantic relationship with his nephew and will never be, adding that the claim that Martin was involved with the lady was untrue but “disgusting.”

Martin had allegedly had a seven-month intimate affair with s 21-year-old nephew and was given a temporary restraining order as a result. A hearing has been set for July 21. Martin has been adamant he’s innocent. However, he risks decades in jail if he should be found guilty.

Singer, a heavyweight attorney, is confident about his client’s innocence, though. He described the case against Martin as “awful” and expressed the hope that the case would be dismissed when all the facts are presented in court later in the month.

Well, that day isn’t far away. It will be interesting to hear the court’s verdict later.

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