Ricky Tyler Set To Release New Album “Happy 2 Be Alive”

Ricky Tyler's New Album "Happy 2 Be Alive": A Deep Dive into His Latest Tracks

Ricky Tyler, under Playground Productions and Universal Music, is set to release his album “Happy 2 Be Alive” on May 31, 2024. Known for his eclectic style that blends R&B and hip-hop, Tyler’s new album promises a mix of introspection and groove with ten tracks, some of which are collaborations with notable artists like Bien, Tyson Sybateli, Karun, Vuyina, and Tellaman.

One of the standout features of the album is its collaborations. “Another Episode” with Bien and “Video Games” featuring Karun have already seen the light of day, showcasing Tyler’s ability to blend his style with others while maintaining a distinct sound. The upcoming tracks, “No More Discos” with Tyson Sybateli and “Finally Famous” featuring Vuyina, are highly anticipated, hinting at the potential for chart-topping hits.

Tyler explores themes of personal growth, resilience, and the celebration of life in this album. These themes are particularly poignant in tracks like “Rolling Stone” and “You Were Mine,” which remain unreleased but stir high expectations among fans. The album reflects Tyler’s journey through the music industry, marked by his signing to Def Jam Africa and notable performances across the continent.

“Happy 2 Be Alive” is not just an album but a statement from Tyler, showcasing his evolution as an artist who seamlessly integrates different musical elements to create something unique. With singles like “Hold On” and “Sunday Drive” already making waves, Tyler is strategically drumming up excitement and setting the stage for a successful launch.

As the release date approaches, fans and critics alike are eager to see how “Happy 2 Be Alive” will add to Ricky Tyler’s growing legacy as a versatile artist who is not afraid to push musical boundaries. With his proven track record and the innovative sound of his new album, Tyler is poised to capture the hearts of listeners and climb the charts once again. See album details below:

Happy 2 Be Alive

Artist: Ricky Tyler
Genre: R&B/Soul
Release Date: May 31, 2024
Track Count: 10
Explicitness: explicit
Copyright: ℗ 2024 Playground Productions (Pty) Ltd, under exclusive license to Universal Music (Pty) Ltd


# Title Artist Duration Status
1 East Side Ricky Tyler 2:40 Unreleased
2 Hold On Ricky Tyler 2:50 Released
3 Another Episode Ricky Tyler & Bien 3:14 Released
4 No More Discos (feat. Tyson Sybateli) Ricky Tyler 3:09 Unreleased
5 Video Games (feat. Karun) Ricky Tyler 3:36 Released
6 Rolling Stone Ricky Tyler 2:50 Unreleased
7 W.Y.E Ricky Tyler 3:22 Unreleased
8 Finally Famous (feat. Vuyina) Ricky Tyler 3:23 Unreleased
9 You Were Mine Ricky Tyler 3:01 Unreleased
10 Sunday Drive (feat. Tellaman) Ricky Tyler 3:00 Released


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