Rihanna Ignores Drake, During Instagram Live Chat

Rihanna ignores her former lover, Drake as he joined an Instagram live chat.

Pop icon, Rihanna, was having a great time as the US entertainer, DJ Shade, hosted a live session on Instagram.

The Barbadian singer was joking around and teased her close friend, Kevin Durant, for testing positive to coronavirus. However, when her former lover, Drake, decided to join the chat, Rihanna hurriedly left the chat and left him on read.

The ‘Diamonds’ crooner is a confident woman who has shown no form of intimidation from anyone. It’s obvious that she won’t let anyone disrespect her.

When she and Drake ended their intimate relationship, Rihanna revealed that the two of them were neither friends nor enemies.

Last weekend, the pop icon showed that her revelation was true when Drake attempted to chat with her via a live session on Instagram.

The successful entrepreneur was having a fun conversation with her friends on a live video chat. Rihanna seemed to be a great mood as she roasted the Brooklyn Nets player, Kevin Durant, for testing positive to coronavirus.

The thirty-two-year-old singer appeared on the live chat after DJ Spade started a live session and started streaming it to his fans.

When she noticed that basketball player, Kevin Durant, had joined the chat, Rihanna decided to joke about asking him if she has to wear a mask to talk to him, so as to be safe.

The ‘Umbrella’ crooner teased:

Is KD allowed in here? Should I wear a mask to live? But for eal get well soon KD.

The multi-talented singer left the chat for someone and returned thereafter to continue with her jokes.

She joked that she had finally seen her mask and could now talk to Kevin Durant.

Rihanna stated:

Back with my mask.

Kevin Durant clapped back at the award-winning singer as he reminded her that she had recently returned from Europe. And this put her at risk of contracting coronavirus.

Rihanna clapped back at him as she replied that she had been in the US for close to two months.

The ‘Keke’ hitmaker, Drake, who was watching their interactive session, decided to join the conversation. Immediately he posted a comment, Rihanna ran away and couldn’t be found.

The talented singer, who had been joking around and making the session very lively, decided to disappear into the thin air as her former lover joined the chat.

As far back as 2009, Rihanna and Drake were in a relationship for a while before they decided to end it. In 2016, they rekindled their relationship as they called it an open relationship.

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